There’s always a risk involved when you plan on buying something online and have to meet the seller in real life.

I remember buying my first car and having to go to some dodgy part of town (it was a black Vauxhall Corsa with blacked-out windows – of course it was in a dodgy part of town) thinking, ‘this car could get me killed.’

Ironic really when my driving instructor once said that driving would be the death of me.

Anyway, the point is that there’s a small chance you could end up done over by someone, which may or may not involve getting the pummeling of your life/your stuff swiped.

Well, the latter of these two scenarios seemed likely for one guy trying to sell a golf club.

Seller Gregor Ford shared screenshot of the most awkward Facebook Marketplace conversation of all time; you’ve really got to laugh at the stupidity.



Rule number one when you’re planning to commit a crime – don’t tell everyone!

Needless to say, Gregor didn’t meet the guy, but he did upload the conversation to Twitter where it was enjoyed by thousands.

At least he got some interest on the club:

Here’s hoping he managed to sell it.

Images via Twitter/Getty