The world of Nintendo gaming always seemed like an untapped oil reserve when it came to real-life application. Mario Kart would make fantastic go-karting venues, Luigi’s Mansion would be a great horror ride and as for a proper adrenaline-filled roller-coaster, Wario’s Goldmine.

Finally it looks like we’re getting what we wanted though, as construction has begun on one of three upcoming Super Nintendo Worlds.

Ol’ sneaky @Ryanthemepark took some pictures of the building site for the Hollywood location and posted them to Twitter to show that the task of building a Super Nintendo World is on the way.

It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on there. To me, the site looks tiny – something suitable for a small shopping centre – but then I am an idiot, so I could be way off.

Nintendo made the deal with Universal, similar to how Warner Bros. did with Harry Potter World, and will now have parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Osaka.

Here’s the general kind of thing you can expect from the theme parks…

They have a Pokémon section. I’m so sold.

Dan Kline, a finance expert, explained in a podcast how important these parks are to Nintendo’s stocks, saying:

We know there will be a Mario Kart ride. About a month ago it became public that Universal Studios is building a fourth gate, another theme park, and they’ve amassed a big chunk of land to do that. It’s very logical to think that Nintendo is going to be the cornerstone, the Harry Potter of this new park.

Courtesy of Nintendo, here’s a little bit more information about the upcoming parks…

Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that he plans to make attractions in the parks that encourage gamers to bring their portable Nintendo devices to get more out of their games.

Sort of like when, back in the day, you had to go to Nintendo events to get Mew on Pokémon Red and Blue.

Completion dates are yet to be released regarding the American parks, but the Japanese Nintendo Land is planned to be ready in time for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

Can’t wait.

Images via Twitter, Nintendo