The only reason I don’t want to be arrested is because the last thing I need is an unflattering mugshot on the public archive.

The officer would take the photo and I’d be there asking them to delete it and take it again, getting all bashful and trying to sort out my hair.

I just don’t want to be a meme. It’s the same thing with Tinder; I’m terrified of asking a girl out, her screenshotting it and putting it on Twitter with a hurtful caption calling me thirsty and then that going viral.

James Flynn, 28, is wanted for harassment and making threats, and in a bid to find him, West Midlands Police posted on Facebook asking people to come forward if they know his whereabouts.

Obviously they posted a picture and look, body-shaming is bad, but look at the state of his hair…

Why??? Why’s he done that to his head?

Just shave it off.

Obviously, OBVIOUSLY the comments section was pretty hilarious…


It’s a long shot, but if you know where James Flynn is, call 101.

Images via Facebook, West Midlands Police