A teenager has gone viral on TikTok after posting an “uncomfortable” video of a customer repeatedly trying to chat her up while she’s working.

The footage was uploaded by 19-year-old TikToker @mickey.ruiz and shows her at her work when a male customer walks in and tries to lay on the charm – and he’s persistent.

The video is captioned: “bro I’m at work. can’t catch a break.”

She also wrote on the video: “Why do men?

“like I’m just trying to do my job.”

At the start of the video, the man walks over to the counter that Ruiz is stood behind and straight off the bat, he asks her: “Are you in high school?”

Right away, our alarm bells are ringing.

Then, after telling him that she has graduated and is at college, he asks her what college she attends.

Sounds like the beginning of a serial killer movie, right?

Ruiz then lies, telling the man that she goes to Kent college.

The man continues by asking her if the college is local.

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Yep, sounds like the kind of guy who has a hockey mask and machete in the trunk of his car.

After asking her how old she is – to which Ruiz grudgingly replies – he walks away from the counter, and after a few minutes, asks her to come over and help him pick out a sticker.

Ruiz tells him that “he’s got it” and stays put behind the counter where it’s safe.

After some time, the man finally decides to pay for his items – but that comes with its own drama.

At first, he produces his card and inserts it into the machine. Then, he decides that he wants to pay for the items in cash.

After deciding that paying by card is okay, he then questions the number of items he is paying for.

After realising that yes, he did pick out that many stickers, he then asks Ruiz if she would like to know his pin.

What is with this guy?

The man then takes ages to remove his card from the machine, as he clearly tries to come up with a last-ditch attempt at getting Ruiz’s number.

After Ruiz tells him that he’s good to go, he replies: “Am I though?”

But Ruiz had to hold back her sigh of relief, as the man still wasn’t done.

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He proceeded to ask her questions such as “do you have Instagram?”

Ruiz told him that she doesn’t like social media because of the way people behave on it, which is a fair comment.

But the man thought her stance was “cute” and laughed – please let it end.

He then asks her even more questions such as “do you go to the beach?”

The clip has been viewed over eight million times, and the comments section is full of people who were disgusted at the man’s behaviour.

One person wrote: “if he has to ask her if ur in high school that’s already a red flag.”

Another wrote: “Girl you deserve an award I would’ve lost my patience SO FAST.”

While a third said: “it’s the fact that he didn’t care that you were clearly uncomfortable. not surprising, unfortunately.”

Well done Ruiz for keeping a level head throughout that entire situation, but we don’t think anyone would have blamed you for losing your sh*t.

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