I genuinely felt like it was 2008 and I was back playing Far Cry 2, watching this.

In the insane video below, American couple Bryant and Lauren Swenson are seen being chased down by a group of men, wielding machetes and handguns.

The couple, originally from Utah in the USA, moved to Nairobi in Kenya to open up a Cross Fit gym three years ago with their three children.

All went well for them until the 30th of November, when the pair were driving along the Old Kijabe Hospital Road. That’s when they ran into a group of bandits trying the rob a van. However, when Lauren and Bryant showed up, the criminals turned their attentions to them, and started to make chase.

Thinking on his feet, Bryant went into reverse, before speeding away as soon as he managed to get his window up. The video is utterly terrifying…

In the post, Bryant wrote:

Our fitness can prepare us for life, but there are times when things happen so fast that we can only give credit to God for His protection.

This happened yesterday on our way up to Kijabe with Shiv Simani, [Collins Monde], and [Lauren Swenson]. We came upon 3 bandits robbing a matatu. I had to back up long enough to roll my window up before passing by the guy wielding the [machete].

The guy on the far left had a handgun, but couldn’t get it out of his waistbelt in time. They chose this spot for ambush because the road is very rough, but fortunately we were in my 80 series. Also thankful for a manual transmission.

Just before encountering the bandits, we passed two armed police on foot. The gunfire you hear at the end of the video are the cops engaging.

We are thankful to have been gone before the gun battle erupted.

Lauren then added in her own post:

It just seemed odd and sort of like a Jackie Chan-style scripted bad guy chase. My eyes fixated on the wildly waving [machete] guy and I just sat in the back seat taking in disconnected details.

I noticed hoodies but didn’t realize their faces were covered. What gave me clarity was hearing our friends’ instructions, ‘Just drive.’ Get out of the situation, as fast as possible.

Bryant’s window was down, so he flew into reverse to buy time to roll it up. When he threw the car into first gear his window was only partially up. He and the car were unscathed by the [machete] dude.

We don’t know what the thump sound was from. The bandits chased after us when we passed them, but by then we believe the matatu had alerted the police and you can hear in the video as Collins told us that the police were coming. Then we heard the rifle shot and continued high-tailing it out of there.

Watching in the video, their attitudes seem awfully cavalier.

Absolutely terrifying. I’d probably just stall and cry.

Images via Facebook