A few years ago I swear I thought sinkholes were the kind of issue that I put in the same league as quicksand and magpies stealing my prized possessions. Essentially things that, as a kid, I thought would present genuine adversity to my life but turned out to really not be something I’d ever have to deal with.

But now it turns out that sinkholes do really happen and they do really affect people. That’s terrifying.

We’ve heard of them causing issues in America and Japan, with cars and houses being swallowed up by the Earth, but this new video really hammers it home.

The incident occurred in Lanzhou, the capital city of China’s north-western province of Gansu, and shows a woman walking along a pavement when the ground opens up beneath her.

She vanishes with the brick pavement, surrounded by shocked onlookers, appearing to hit her head on the way down.

Caught on CCTV, the sinkhole opened up at around 6pm on the 11th of November, measuring nine square metres.

Have a watch…

The woman in question was eventually saved and was mostly okay, apart from two broken ribs, according to medics at the Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It seems like people in China can’t catch a break, when it comes to falling into undesirable things (a tenuous link, I know), as weeks ago, a woman in China fell into a shark tank during feeding time…

Luckily, the tank was only occupied by baby lemon sharks and two security guards promptly rushed to her aid.

The event took place in the Wuyue Plaza shopping complex in Jiaxing city, in east China’s Zhejiang province and the woman in question was an employee.

As a spokesman put it, the woman was an employee late for a meeting, and whilst not open to the public, the gangway is a shortcut that staff often use.

The gangway is off limits during feeding time but the employee was in a rush to get to a meeting.

She was quickly rescued from the tank and did not suffer any injuries.”

Watch your feet, people.

Images via YouTube