Sometimes when I’m laying in bed in the complete dark, instead of think of something nice and cheerful, I’ll think of the nun from The Conjuring 2. I don’t know why and it goes without saying that I’m not happy to have the image of this demon in my head when I’m trying to get to sleep but them’s the breaks.

Since then, the nun has appeared in her own film, cleverly called The Nun, and I’m not sure if it would be smart for me to go and watch that one. I’m so tired.

She is a pretty terrifying character, after all, but there’s also something oddly familiar about her. Thanks to some sleuthing, courtesy of Buzzfeed, we now know why.

Remember the The Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway? Anne finds out she’s the heir to the throne of a fictional European country called Genovia, but her journey isn’t as seemless as she’d hoped, etc etc…

Yeah, the nun – or Bonnie Aarons, in real life – was in that film as none other than Baroness Joy von Troken, the person who would have become queen, had Mia not taken up her role.

She was also a pretty bad person in this film too, just not to the extent of possessing and haunting innocent people as a hellish demon… she just wanted to be the queen of a small European principality. Don’t we all?

Taking a cursory glance at Aarons’s IMDb page, she’s had some charming sounding roles…


Who knows, Princess Diaries 3 is coming out at some point, she could be equally horrifying in that.

To her credit, Aarons is a genuinely great character actor and it would be nice to see her get to stretch her acting muscles more. I know I have a lot of pull in the world of casting directors so get it done, people. I want to see Bonnie Aarons in the next True Detective or something.

Images via New Line Cinema, Disney