The MCU is a cinematic marvel (not a pun but quite hard to avoid) and even if you’re not a fan of the films, you sort have to appreciate them for what they’ve achieved.

Over ten years of interwoven characters and plots all amounting to one climactic end. It’s genuinely unbelievable that a studio owned by Disney acted with so much patience, rather than going for the immediate team-ups and money-making ploys (not to say that their films didn’t make money but you know).

Anyway, as you know, the films are heavily CGI-based, and while a lot of people think heavy CGI use is synonymous with cheating and cheapening cinema, it does make you appreciate the actors more.

It must be hard to act seriously alongside a man in a morph-suit with a picture of a tree-man stuck to his head but they really do manage.

Have a look at these before and after shots of CGI use in the MCU…

Images via Disney, Paramount