When I heard about this I immediately text my two friends James and Liam (shoutout fellas!)

We were literally obsessed with that green-skinned sociopath once upon a time, regularly quoting some of his best lines to each other.

Sadly, however, we grew up and that deeply disturbing cretin became a thing of the past.

Salad Fingers hasn’t been seen in a new episode for five years, but ‘Glass Brother’, the eleventh episode of David Firth’s dark web cartoon has just debuted on YouTube, and it’s everything I hoped for and more.

The new episode was actually funded through Patreon supporters who were keen to find out what SF had been up to, with a mission statement reading: 

“This stuff is all really hard work. YouTube ads are a small help, but unless you are putting multiple vids a week, they pay very little. An average project takes WEEKS to MONTHS of solid work, yet roughly makes around $1 per 1000 views in ad revenue.

“That isn’t much, especially as YouTube doesn’t tend to feature much animation since the ‘viewer engagement’ doesn’t typically reach their standards. To make a living from YouTube revenue I would have to really start cutting corners and making broader stuff to get more views. That is not my style.”

The episode sees Fingers up to his old tricks, talking to finger puppets, chewing off Marjory Stewart-Baxter’s hair and being haunted by a mirror-world version of himself.

Which also results in some pretty bizarre plot-twists.

Unfortunately, the episode can’t be played on other websites but you can check it out on YouTube here

In case you missed it, that’s HERE.

It’s great to have him back in our lives – hopefully we won’t have to wait another five years to see him again.

Images via YouTube/David Firth