‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ is literally everywhere at the moment, and if you’ve clicked on this article there’s a very strong chance you’ve given it a watch.

As people have slowly started to binge on it, a number of interesting theories and things you may have missed have started to emerge; first, there were all those creepy ghosts lurking in various background shots, and secondly, the insane theory that the five Crain siblings represent grief, which you can read all about here.

Now, though, thanks to a Buzzfeed writer, there’s some very interesting details about the Red Room which you probably didn’t pick up on the first time you watched the show.

(The next part is decidedly spoiler-y so only read on if you’ve finished the last episode).

Now, the whole issues of what’s in the Red Room is a mystery throughout the show.

In the finale we essentially find out it’s the “stomach” of the house where it can “digest” the family members.

The room can disguise itself in various different ways and become whatever the Crains need it to be so they can sit there blissfully while the house “eats” them.

But apparently this was foreshadowed in a number of episodes and we were either too scared or too oblivious to realise.

These are all the times the mysterious Red Room was teased without us even noticing.


In Episode 1, Steve says Luke was probably in his treehouse and Olivia thinks it’s a joke.

“Well, I don’t suppose any of you have seen Luke”, she says.

“I assume you tried the treehouse”, Steve replies to which she chuckles and passes it off saying “very funny, mister.”


It’s actually more obvious in episode 8 too, when Hugh tells Steve that Luke’s treehouse doesn’t exist.

“I never built you kids a treehouse”, he says.

“What? Luke was in there all the time”, Steve responds.

Hugh isn’t having it, though.

“Maybe it was already there – there was no treehouse.”


In episode 3, Theo is in the dance studio and sees that someone was trying to get in via the door.

(We find out that it was actually Shirley and Nell in episode 1 who were trying to get into the Red Room.)


In episode 5, Nell finds a tea set in the toy room and Mrs. Dudley didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Where did you find this”, she asks.

“In the toy room.”



In episode 8 Steve tells Mrs. Dudley that he found the boudoir table in the game room and she says, “the what room?”

“It’s certainly beautiful, where did you find it”, she asks.

“The game room.”

“The what room?”


And finally in episode 9 when Olivia says she’ll be in her reading room and Luke says, “We have a reading room?”

And that’s pretty much it.

Interesting how they teased it without any of us actually realising, right?

It really is the show that keeps on giving.

Images via Netflix