I live in a state of constant angst that Tom Holland and myself are different people. In many ways we’re quite similar; we’re both from within five miles of each other, we’re the same height, have similar faces (although he’s objectively better looking), but he’s Spider-Man with the body of a Greek sculpture.

I genuinely tried getting his body. I really did. I googled his diet and workout plan and tried adhere to it but I honestly do not have the drive to follow through. I’m not sure I trusted what I was reading and Holland had a team of pros behind him.

In a perfect world, I would have a personal trainer who wouldn’t make me eat plain chicken breasts three times a day, I wouldn’t have to deal with gym people, it wouldn’t cost a ridiculous amount, and I’d be fit in a month, because I have a wedding coming up.

Here I was, like an idiot, not believing that the perfect world exists and going in hard on the beer and whisky because I gave up, when I could have looked up… looked up HookFit… on the internet. It’s a play on words.

HookFit is a 30 day programme designed essentially to make you tasty. Summer’s here and while you’re obviously perfect the way you are, if you’re not happy in yourself, it can’t hurt to try something new.

Despite what you may think, dropping a few pounds here and there and changing your body isn’t such a far cry. The Hook have teamed up with world-class personal trainer and fitness guru, Josiah, to help you on your way. And the best bit about it? It only takes 30 days. I’m golden for this wedding.

Fit in 30 days. That’s the name of the game and the game is changing since you don’t need to go to a gym or eat boring meals all of the time.

Josiah has helped countless people all over the world and has built the perfect 30 day programme, which includes an exercise plan, a diet plan, and access to an exclusive ‘Fit in 30’ committee. The exercise regime will help you tone up from the comfort of your own home, whilst the diet programme allows you to still eat the things you love, but in a flexible plan.

Alright, lets talk prices. Personal trainers are expensive and they’re never around and they end up sleeping with your mates 80% of the time.

The Fit in 30 will set you back all of £20. That’s 66p a day. Considerably cheaper than a gym, a personal trainer, or even special foods/supplements that you have to eat.

Stacey had this to say about Josiah’s programme:

His workouts are so challenging and definitely make me sweat!

I love training with Josiah! His workouts are so challenging and definitely make me sweat! But they’re also fun and I can see my progress daily. With food he allows me to choose what I eat as long as I follow some basic rules which means training hasn’t affected my social life either.

Now, obviously this is something that a lot of people want to do and it goes without saying that there’s limited spaces available, so you need to get your foot in the door before the 29th of July.

How? Follow this here link to the website and good luck, not that you’ll need it!