Last night (1st January 2019), an Inbetweeners reunion show aired, called Inbetweebers: Fwends Reunited. It featured the four actors who played the main characters being interviewed/insulted/interrupted by a man who hasn’t written his own material since 2009.

Jimmy Carr hosted the show which, come to think of it, didn’t actually have a format to speak of, as the cast awkwardly sat there for interviews that didn’t shed light on anything, awards presentations that seemed like contrived ways of filling time with clips we’d seen just five minutes earlier, and history “documentary” scenes which were actually quite funny.

Despite all of that, I actually enjoyed the show, which I didn’t expect because it was literally two hours worth of reminiscing about a sitcom that I think is slightly overrated as it is.

There was the initial disappointment that Fwends Reunited wasn’t actually a new episode of the show, sure, but I soon got over that. It was harder to get over the Jimmy Carr speed hump, however, as he just spewed dangerously generic insults that were the antithesis of witty.

Anyone can tell Anthony Head that his daughter shags loads of people, or that, I don’t know, Simon Bird is a tw*t (neither of which are actual jokes or even true) but a professional comedian should be better. No, Jimmy just spent the whole time either doing that, or interrupting genuinely funny and candid moments to say a joke that Frankie Boyle said seven years ago.

Anyway, here’s what the people of Twitter thought…

I’ve got to say, I didn’t really get the impression that no-one wanted to be there, but I definitely got the impression that James Buckley wanted to be there the most.

It’d hard not to agree with the comments regarding Greg Davies being a better host, though. His brief cameos were genuinely hilarious and he actually had something to do with The Inbetweeners, rather than being a shiny marionette man that Channel 4 wheel out for literally anything with a live studio audience and at least three jokes.

It was good to see the boys back together though.

Images via Channel 4, Twitter