You can’t beat a good dog. Sadly I don’t have one of my own, but my sister does. When she visits or I go to hers, make no mistake, I get the most out of being around a dog. It’s called overcoming hurdles.

The thing is, you see dogs doing a whole range of amazing things, from people on Twitter and the like, that when it gets to you dealing with one, you can’t help but be disappointed with the lack of superhuman (supercanine?) feats of glory.

My sister’s dog, Harry, is an idiot. I love him, but he’s stupid. If you’re sitting on the floor, he’ll just wonder straight over and sit of your leg or so close that he can’t be comfortable. I guess it’s a sign of affection but both of us suffer for it.

I’m sorry for getting my feet in shot. Genuinely.

No, Harry could never skateboard, or get a beer from the fridge or even sing along to the 2003 pop-classic Toxic, by Britney Spears. The latter skill seems like a gratuitous oversight of a dog’s ability but rest assured, it can happen.

This comes after Riley, dog-friend of human Matthew Hardin, legitimately howled the chorus sound from Toxic. Listen…

Did you get it? It took me five listens but now I can’t hear anything else.

This should clear up any confusion…

Of course Twitter is obsessed…

Incredible stuff.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Matthew said:

At first I thought [Riley] was just howling at the storm that was passing through. But then I watched the video a few times and thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, this sounds so familiar.’

Then it hit me that he was, in fact, singing Britney Spears.”

Great dog.

Also. Harry, I’m very sorry for calling you an idiot. I really do love you.

Images via Facebook, Record Plant Studios