We’ve waited about a year now and it’s finally here – the 2018 John Lewis Christmas advert, people!

I don’t know about you, but since they debuted their 2017 Christmas advert, all I could think about for the best part of a year is “what will those guys come up with next, eh?”

Honestly, I completely missed the World Cup.

Anyway, I digress. Watch the trailer and we’ll chat about it below…

First thing’s first, it’s about Elton John.

Not only that, but it features Elton John.

Essentially, we follow Elton John’s life of performing the opposite of chronologically and it’s all very nice. Probably the first time we’ve seen a John Lewis advert where the song wasn’t a cover.

As far as all of the 2018 Christmas adverts go, this one is the most Christmassy, if only because it actually includes a Christmas scene at the very end. I tell you, these adverts are getting more and more tenuously linked to the festivities by the year.

But like I say, it’s nice – Elton’s Elton because as a little sprog he got a piano for Christmas.


I suppose Your Song will be in the charts now. Worse things could happen.

Merry November.

Images via John Lewis