God, my body hurts.

I’ve been on one or two bad dates in the past but never have they compared to this mess.

Sure, my dates didn’t have the extra scrutiny of the country of Ireland baring down upon them, but even if they were televised, I think the general consensus would be that they were boring, rather than hard to watch.

Aidan from Tralee and Siobhan from Youghal were the people involved in this love story on Ireland’s own First Dates and as Aidan has it, it’s immediately clear that Siobhan isn’t in to him.

You see, he makes a few faux pas when talking to/about her. First he refers to women as birds (over the pond, I suppose the equivalent would be “chicks”) and then he remarks to the waiter about how she likely took three hours to get ready for the date.

Just watch it…

My skin got embarrassed. That’s never happened before.

I suppose you have to admire how honest he is and you can’t help but agree with his closing statement about how Siobhan has had some f*cking awful dates in the past.

Remarkably though, Siobhan is interested in seeing Aidan again, which leads to him backtracking over what he said about the only reason he said no to seeing her again, was because he thought she was going to say no.

Very very hard to watch.

I feel bad for Siobhan.

Images via RTÉ2