My first phone was the glorious and beautiful Sony Ericsson S500i. It was shiny black with white and green details and all of the theme names were in French because I think it was trying to be classy.

Gorgeous bit of kit and I made some absolute belters on the Music Mix app.

With that said though, while my phone was enormously sought after in the school locker base, there was one phone that always trumped it.

Even though it was a couple of years old at the point and offered nothing that a then-present-day phone could, the Motorola Razr was the thing of dreams. Everyone wanted one.

And now they’re coming back.

(I’m very proud of that picture even though I’m not really sure why I made it.)

The new Razr comes courtesy of a collaboration between Lenovo (who own Motorola) and Verizon and bizarrely, only 200,000 models are being made. So if you want one, you probably won’t get one.

You’ll remember that Nokia remade their 3310 as a pretty faithful remodelling of the original, not adding too much glamour to the famously indestructible phone, but the new Razr on the other hand is reported to be made with futuristic folding-screen technology.

All of this comes at a cost, though, and that’s the pretty steep £1,167, to be exact. Meanwhile the new Nokia is like £30.

It’s not guaranteed, but the release date for the updated Motorolo Razr is said to be this February.

It’s looking like this year is going to be pretty big for folding-screens which, whichever way you look at is, is cool but ultimately pointless.

I’ll be honest with you, I’d be perfectly happy for technology to freeze now and to resume once I die. I can’t afford all of this nonsense that I don’t really need but feel stupid for not having.

I really don’t want Airpods. Give it two months and I’ll have some.

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Images via Motorola, Warner Bros, Sony, Nokia