I barely use emojis.

People who I regularly speak to always say that reading my texts and messages is boring because it’s simply a block of text. I don’t know why I dislike them but to me they just seem a bit daft.

Plus they remind me of the embarrassing days on MSN when I’d write ‘Josh <3 Saz’ followed by a load of roses and hearts.

Still, whenever new emojis get released it’s always big news; when the ginger ones came out the internet went mad.

And now 2019’s batch have been unveiled and I suppose if you’re into emojis this will be exciting.

Check them out:

Because who needs words, eh?!

Emojipedia released the list with many praising the inclusion of various disabilities, gender inclusive couples as well as various skin tones of people holding hands.

Other highlights (if you can call them that) include the sloth, a pink flamingo, an orang-utan as well as a diving mask, a yo-yo and Saturn.


In total there 230 different emojis including 171 variants for gender and skin tone but there’s one in particular that has Twitter fingers excited.

Let me introduce you to the ‘pinching’ emoji:

While to me it just seems as though it’s a hand pinching something, people have suggested it will be used to critique things that are decidedly small.

I’m beating around the bush here: I’m talking about d*ck pics.

I’ve honestly never sent such a picture so this doesn’t apply to me.

It also doesn’t apply to me for another reason…

😉 :p 😉

See I can use them.

The emojis will start showing up on phones throughout 2019 with some reports indicating it could be as early as March.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Images via Twitter/Emojipedia/YouTube/Getty