A seemingly new entry to the game, the RSPCA have decided to weigh in with a Christmas advert of their own, and it’s not bloody bad for a first go… is it their first go?

From the get-go, you can see that they’ve started things right, getting someone lesser known to cover a very famous song in a more slow-downed, emotional vibe. This time it’s Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

However, there’s something that this advert had that the John Lewis and co. ones – bar the one with the animals on the trampolines – don’t, and that’s loads of cute animals.

It starts with a little boy chilling with his dog through time; treating it right and caring for it when those pesky fireworks go off. The boy then ages into a… boy – albeit slightly older – who wards off a group of ruffians who have taken to throwing stones at an abandoned car.

And what’s in that abandoned car, I hear you ask? That’s right, a box of kittens!

Later on, the boy is now a man who works for the RSPCA, and he’s only gone and found himself another litter of kittens. He’s got a nose for it, I suppose.

Honestly, it’s adorable. Have a watch…

I guess the moral if the story is to be good to animals, and donate to the RSPCA if and when you can. Failing that, if you see some kids throwing stones at kittens, implore them to stop.

I wonder how long it’s going to be until Kevin the Carrot – from Aldi – somehow belittles this. I made this picture a few days ago and I stand by it…

Replace Sainsbury’s with RSPCA and I’m on the money.

Images via YouTube, Getty