We’ve been waiting for an Avengers 4 trailer for so long that Marvel finally listened and gave us what we wanted; that’s right, we’ve got a second trailer for Captain Marvel and it’s about time.

Okay no, it’s not what we were after, but it’s fair to say that it doesn’t disappoint one bit.

Remember when Brie Larson punched that old woman in the first trailer? Well we’ve been given more context to that little fracas.

As of yet, it’s still unclear how this will feed into Avengers 4, as not many details are given – least of all about the end of the film… because that would be stupid.

There’s elements of Guardians of the Galaxy in there, obviously with the space, but you can see the humour that made Marvel stand head and shoulders above the DC counterparts.

Maybe I’m being biased because I’m a huge Marvel fanboy, but I would say that this film looks a hell of a lot better than Aquaman, and everyone loved that trailer.

The plot synopsis for Captain Marvel reads:

Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.”

We know that one of those races is the Skrull – a shape-shifting alien race known for causing all kinds of trouble in the Marvel comic books – so it could be interesting to see where that goes. There are even a lot of fan theories floating around that some of our favourite current Avengers are actually Skrull sleeper agents in disguise, so that’s pretty wild…

I’m glad the the film – set in the 90s – is looking less and less like a BuzzFeed “REMEMBER THE 90S?!” article. I was worried about that.

Images via Disney