Have you ever watched Big Brother and thought, “I wonder what this would be like if they didn’t just pick a bunch of people wondering around an Asda car park?” Neither have I, but know that if you did, MTV absolutely have you covered with The Royal World.

The Royal World, to all intents and purposes, gathers a group of young-ish people who are connected to the royal family in one way or another and shoved them in a lavish castle. The castle itself is full of cameras and the show plays out as a ‘fly on the wall’ reality show, with Archie Manners – from our very own Archie Asks – hosting.

He said of the show:

It was the first time we had a show where we are observing posh people in their natural habitat.

These cameras were tiny, all fixed cameras, you don’t see cameras at all – it’s not like Ex on the Beach!

We are genuinely seeing these people in an environment that is normal and natural to them, but it’s completely alien to the rest of us, so from that point of view it’s a fascinating social experiment. It’a a show I would want to watch. I never make television I don’t want to watch.

It’s a very high-class social experiment that reveals to the world a calibre of people, the upper crusts of society that we have never seen before.

So who’s in it?

Let’s meet the ladies, shall we?

Their nights out seem pretty tame, I won’t lie. I’m still not sure how Zara is connected to the royals but them’s the breaks, I guess.

And now the fellas…

Count Dima had me there, I was starting to become a fan of his but that little “I’m your boss” quip lost it for me. Sorry, Dima, but you’ll have to win me back now.

You can watch the first episode right now by clicking here

Images via MTV