If there’s one issue with film as a concept, it’s that the quality of the product is purely subjective. With that in mind, it goes without saying that the only way for cinema to progress is to take a more mathematical approach to things; let there be only one correct answer so the quality of a film can be 100% quantified and ranked accordingly.

Obviously I don’t actually want that and I appreciate that one of the main beauties of film is that it can be sincerely emotive for one person, yet not even slightly resonate with the next.

That said, I’d like people to stop saying that Pulp Fiction is good and admit that The Revenant is one of the worst mainstream films ever made.

I don’t think either of those will happen anytime soon so I guess I’ll just write about the thing I’m being paid to write about instead.

Showcase Cinemas conducted a poll, trying to find out what the best film of the last 30 year is, and the top 10 is both surprising and obvious, if you can believe such a thing. Have a look:

1. The Shawshank Redemption

2. Titanic

3. Forrest Gump

4. Jurassic Park

5. Schindler’s List

6. The Lion King

7. Die Hard

8. Pulp Fiction

9. Independence Day

10. Gladiator

So it’s Shawshank Redemption up top, eh? That seems decidedly fair.

Objectively, Independence Day is a terrible film and Die Hard is solidly okay. That list genuinely baffles me.

I’d say it the top three were obvious – even though Titanic is severely overrated (just generic high-budget James Cameron f*ckery) – but I was expecting to see at least one Lord of the Rings film in there.

Seriously, Independence Day?! Genuinely bad. I know I said it was all subjective but come on, that’s a piss-take.

As for male actors, the list reads:

1. Tom Hanks

2. Johnny Depp

3. Morgan Freeman

4. Leonardo di Caprio

5. Liam Neeson

6. Idris Elba

7. Michael Caine

8. Tom Cruise

9. Samuel L Jackson

10. George Clooney

And the female actors list looks like this…

1. Judi Dench

2. Julia Roberts

3. Meryl Streep

4. Kate Winslet

5. Cameron Diaz

6. Jennifer Lawrence

7. Helena Bonham Carter

8. Angelina Jolie

9. Nicole Kidman

10. Natalie Portman

Better, I suppose.

I’m a big fan of Judi Dench.

Images via Getty, Fox, Columbia Pictures