If you’re unfamiliar with Netflix’s The Sinner, don’t be put off by the fact that when you watch the trailer for the second series, the top suggested video on the side bar is ’10 Worst Netflix Original Shows’ from WatchMojo.

It’s in fact a very highly regarded anthology thriller from Netflix that looks into why ordinary people commit monstrous crimes, but not in a documentary way… it’s fiction.

In the first series, a detective by the name of Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) goes to investigate why a a troubled young mother (Jessica Biel) killed a man but can’t remember any of it. It was so good that Biel had two nominations for lead actress, in fact.

Now, since that was tremendously popular, it was inevitable that a second series was on the way, and that’s exactly what happened.

Being an anthology series, much like American Horror Story, the new series isn’t connected to the first in any huge ways. Harry Ambrose is still the main detective but that appears to be just about it.

Have a watch of the trailer and see what you think…

Oh spooky.

It’s got all of the fun scary tropes, like a creepy kid, a creepy kid drawing creepy things, a guy driving at night and there being a lone person lit by his headlights, a quiet suburban town and walking through a wood. So you know what you’re in for here…

In this series, the crime is a double homicide, however the perpetrator is a young boy and the victims are his parents.

Obviously Ambrose has his work cut out for him since the kid has all sorts of secrets in his background and a lot of people are trying to keep them from him. Nightmare.

Season two will be available on Netflix from the 9th of November. Save the date.

Images via Netflix