The trailer for one of the most highly anticipated films for the last ten years is finally here and I don’t know how to take it.

Previously I thought it would be cool if Marvel didn’t release a single trailer for the film and instead let the audience go into it completely fresh and clueless.

I’m glad Marvel didn’t follow my advice, because now I get to watch this…

So much has changed.

As a trailer, it’s better than anything DC have released over the last five years and as a film, it looks like it’s going to be utterly superb.

Tony is drifting in space after being left in Titan, the surviving Avengers are thinking up a game plan to rescue everything, Clint is back but as Ronin, and Steve’s had a shave.

I’ve got to say, I miss his beard.

I legitimately cannot wait for this film. Wake me up when it comes.

Images via Disney