In… news (???) it appears that a snake has braces.

The mouth kind, not the belt-alternative that keep your trousers up. There’s a question for you, if a snake wore suspenders, would it look like this or this..?

Content is my lifeblood.

That was some digression. Let’s get back to the point in hand – a snake was fitted with braces to fix its under-bite. A snake… with braces.

Toothless, the green tree python, was eating when she broke part of her jawbone. On a Facebook post from HerpVet, an animal hospital in Mount Ommaney, Australia (obviously), specialising in reptiles, they said she was enjoying her dinner when:

Somehow, during the swallowing process her left lower jawbone folded and got stuck on her throat.”


The owners of Toothless noticed she was distressed and had an uncharacteristic under-bite, so rushed her to the vet, where an x-ray revealed the damage.

Surgery would have been too risky, so naturally, doctors fashioned some braces out of a paperclip and used nontoxic superglue to attach them to the snake. They really MacGyver’d there way out of that one.

The brace fell off the next day, but was promptly reattached, and stayed there “until she shed and this was long enough to allow her to heal”, according to HerpVet.

Doctors said that Toothless’s jaw was weakened because she’d just laid eggs, which leads to bones being more susceptible to fracturing.

She was given pain relief and placed on a calcium supplement to aid in the healing process.

Food will be withheld for a couple of weeks at which point a final X-ray will be taken to confirm healing has completed.”

Rather happily, everything worked out well. Even I’m glad and I hate snakes. Hate ’em. I was cringing as I made the suspenders picture.

All’s well that ends well. Snakes have braces.

I’m better than Attenborough.

Images via Facebook