It’s never happened to me because I’ve never gotten to the stage in a relationship where we started taking photos together, but you always see a mass-cull of couple photos when someone goes through a nasty breakup.

A friend of mine recently had one but annoyingly for him, he didn’t have any photos of himself that were taken after 2010.

That meant he had to just crop his ex out of his Facebook photo, rather than choose a new one, and it went from looking something like this (I could only find a royalty-free selfie taken by a woman, weirdly)…

to this…

Just a really oddly framed shot.

And it looks naff.

Luckily, though, there now exists an alternative thanks to the good people at Edit my Ex.

The new service does pretty much what it says on the tin, editing those pesky exes out of pictures just in case you want to carry on using that particular photo for other reasons.

The creation comes courtesy of Mark Rofe, who said:

After presenting my friend with an ex-less image as a gift, I saw just how powerful the effect of removing an ex-partner from a favourite digital photograph could be.

As someone with a background in design, I thought that I could put my skills to good use to make someone going through a break-up smile, and with my team of designers, we can’t wait to start helping others regain their favourite photos without any unwelcome additions.

The service lives on the website and costs £6.99 per photo, which is a small price to pay for a brilliantly savage way of getting back at your ex.

Essentially all you have to do it visit the website, upload the photo and then highlight which person you’d like removed from it. It couldn’t be easier.

And in case you’re slightly dubious about it, the results are out of this world…

Almost makes me want to get a girlfriend so I can use the service.

Images via Edit My Ex, Getty, Instagram