In a move that has shocked everyone, a radio station has committed itself to playing bad music non-stop for the best part of a month.

No I’m not talking about Capital FM, I’m of course talking about Magic Radio, who have recently announced that from tomorrow – the 30th of November – they will exclusively play Christmas music until the 25th eventually rolls around.

So what does that mean for Magic FM then? They’ll exclusively be played at parties and in the office when someone opens a beer on Friday at 4pm.

I think Magic is actually one of the presets in my car. God knows I won’t be pressing that button for love nor money in the coming weeks.

I want to say there’s roughly five passable Christmas songs in existence. Why are Magic FM committing themselves to something as ridiculous and thankless as this?

Because it’s a UK first, that’s why. They get publicity and mugs like me write about it. That’s life.

Magic have also decided to focus mainly on the 80s and 90s additions to the Christmas music genre, as if they hadn’t made it hard enough to remain fresh already. With that said, there really aren’t too many decent Christmas songs outside of those two decades.

The Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott Magic Breakfast Show kicks off the marathon, starting at 9am and ending, I guess, 600 hours later.

Ronan Keating said:

We’ve had this under wraps for three months.

I am so excited that the news is out there. I can’t wait to kick Christmas off this Friday at 9am with our first Christmas song voted for by our listeners at


Tis the season, I guess.

Images via Vevo, WhamTV