Interactive TV does genuinely sound like a plot for an episode of early Black Mirror. Some guy chooses his own ending to a show he’s watching but with everything he does, the writer of the show realises he’s sending messages to her with his choices.

Twist ending – he’s actually controlling a real person or something?

I don’t know, I’m not Charlie Brooker.

Anyway, this isn’t the plot of an upcoming Black Mirror episode, it is an upcoming Black Mirror episode.

Netflix are trying out interactive programming for adult TV shows, starting with an upcoming episode of Black Mirror. This means that viewers will be able to choose their own destiny when watching/playing this particular episode.

Netflix have played with his concept before, with their Puss in Boots children’s show allowing viewers to choose their own villains and whatnot for the episodes.

The new season is set to come out before the end of this year, and this could spell a complete overhaul in normal TV broadcasting from here on out. If it goes well, there’s no reason why more shows and platforms wouldn’t adopt the format.

Personally, it seems like too much hassle for me, every time I watch something. I just want to sit back and chill out, safe in the knowledge that my actions have no consequence on fictional characters. What if I killed Harry Potter? Or made Spongebob go on a murder spree in Bikini Bottom? I don’t want that on my conscience.

Furthermore, this seems like something stuck-in-their-ways film and TV critics – looking at you, Kermode – would abhor. You only need to hear the way that particular critic speaks about video games [a valid medium in their own right] to know that things like this don’t go down well.

It could be fun though, and I’ll definitely be giving it a go.

You know what would be a crazy ending to a Black Mirror episode? There’s no twist. Things are fine and technology can be ok. Imagine the uproar!

As of yet, any more details of the episode are completely under wraps. We’re playing a waiting game.

Images via Netflix, Channel 4