While drinking is a lot of fun and mostly very delicious, I think it’s fair to say that us Brits probably push the envelope a bit when it comes to seeing how much drinking we can get away with without needing our stomachs pumped at the end of the night.

Sometimes that doesn’t even stop us.

The first time I got seriously drunk – to the point when I maybe should have been hospitalised – I was 13-years-old and was playing FIFA with my friends. Every time you conceded a goal, you had to have a shot of vodka. My friend was Athletic Bilbao, I was Malaga, and I lost 13-1. I was a very small boy and had a decent amount to drink before we started. Sick for days.

Apparently that’s not enough to put my humble Surrey hometown in the top 60 heaviest drinkers of the UK. Daily Feed put together said list using stats and these are the results. God knows what 13-year-olds are getting up to in these places.

60. Carlisle

59. Corby

58. Ashfield

57. Darlington

56. Oldham

55. Rotherham

54. Derry

53. Doncaster

52. Dudley

51. Leicester

50. Bridgend

49. Lancaster

48. Dundee

47. York

46. Stockton-On-Tees

45. Bradford

44. Blackburn

43. Knowsley

42. Durham

41. Islington

40. Aberdeen

39. Derby

38. Sheffield

37. Bury

36. Swansea

35. Gloucester

34. Redcar and Cleveland

33. Barnsley

32. Wirral

31. Hartlepool

30. Liverpool

29. Coventry

28. St Helens

27. Wigan

26. Kingston Upon Hull

25. Edinburgh

24. Brighton

23. Newcastle Upon Tyne

22. Wakefield

21. Manchester

20. Wolverhampton

19. Torbay

18. Norwich

17. Rochdale

16. Newcastle under Lyne

15. Belfast

14. Burnley

13. Plymouth

12. Cardiff

11. Glasgow

10. North and South Tyneside

9. Barrow in Furness

8. Nottingham

7. Chesterfield

6. Salford

5. Gateshead

4. Stoke-on-Trent

3. Middlesbrough

2. Sunderland

1. Blackpool

Hey how about that, eh? Blackpool won gold. They’re still on the come down from being relegated from the Premier League back in 2011. They’re in League One now… can you blame the locals for drinking? I think not.

I’m surprised London didn’t find it’s way into the top ten in some capacity. Islington is part of London but still, you’d expect more from the capital.

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