My go-to for a Halloween costume (or any dress-up event, for that matter) is Ash Ketchum from the first season of Pokémon. All you need is the funky hat and that weird short-sleeve jacket and apart from them, you’re wearing fairly normal clothes.

That means that if you show up and no-one else is dressed up, you can quickly transform back into yourself. In the more likely event that people are dressed up though, the Ash costume is a 100% belter. It will always go down a storm.

Annoyingly though, what I make up for in clever costume ideas, I lack in friends who like to do things, and this Halloween I have a night of playing FIFA and drinking alone with the lights off planned. Good fun had by all.

The dream is to arrive at an event in a group, so you can all plan your costumes accordingly, and have some sort of theme going; the obvious choices being Ghostbusters, Hobbits, Mutant Turtles, etc…

But this group of ladies do it better than that. They turn up in proper group costumes that aren’t immediately obvious, but once you get them, they’re sublime.

Jamie Bell, Auburn Salcedo and friends do it right. They all turn up as the same actor each year, but in different roles each.

I’ve left the pictures unlabelled with the actors below. See if you can get them…







1. Tom Hanks – 2018

2. Bill Murray – 2016

3. Robin Williams – 2015

4. Will Ferrell – 2014

5. Jim Carrey – 2013

6. Johnny Depp – 2012

Absolutely amazing work. If you’re wondering about 2017, they were unable to get a picture taken that year, but vowed to never miss another one.

They plan to continue with this trend until they get on The Ellen Show. Fair enough.

H/T: BoredPanda