It goes without saying that parents should be supportive of their kids.

Look, we all dream of our sons or daughters doing a really cool job when they’re older, or even just joining a certain sports team or being into something that holds some kind of weight in this man-made system we call ‘society’, but hey, it doesn’t always work out like that.

Fortunately I had parents who encouraged me to do anything, and I interpreted that word ‘anything’ and turned myself into a lowly Hook writer.

Still, I think they’re proud of me.

I say this because one dad recently exhibited the kind of behaviour fathers should steer well clear off.

Essentially, he mocks his son for competing at a LEGO tournament – something which I think is epic.

Anyway, people had a lot to say about his tone, but check out his tweets first:

I mean, there’s just no real need is there?

Fair enough one tweet mocking it might have been funny but he just drags it out for too long – leave the boy alone he’s enjoying it!

As I say, people were critical of the father’s attitude and proceeded to take him down expertly:

Kids, if you are reading this and you too have an a**hole of a dad, firstly, don’t worry (sadly you don’t get to pick who your parents are) and secondly, do whatever the hell makes you happy.

Providing it’s not illegal of course.

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