The thing about dogs is that they can’t talk, so when you’re teaching them to sit, or to lie down, or even to come over to you, why do you limit yourself to whatever your native language is?

Even if you’re staying within your language to teach your dog tricks, you don’t need to use to actual words. Nothing’s stopping you from saying “laser” and your dog sitting on command.

We have so much power over dogs but we rarely yield it. Pity.

But with that in mind, one woman decided to take advantage of having a dog, and taught it how to do things using the most relevant Harry Potter spells available.

Anna Brisbin and her dog Remus are the toast of Diagon Alley and while Anna quite literally shouted the killing curse at her dog, he just playfully stretched out on the ground. All is well.

What a magical good boy.

Images via Twitter, Warner Bros