There’s something about Autumn and Winter that just screams Harry Potter. I’m not sure what it is; sure, they have winter releases and a lot of the films take part in the colder half of the year, but they also have some summery times.

Cold weather and jumpers just bring out the Potters in all of us, and that’s no bad thing, is it?

With that in mind, it’s nothing short of lovely that one family in Austin, Texas, decided to turn their house and front garden into Diagon Alley.

Joel Pace is a huge fan of Harry Potter and rather sadly, his wife contracted breast cancer last year. With that, she decided that she wasn’t going to put much effort into the Halloween decorations, so Joel stepped in.

He told Buzzfeed:

Last year, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had several surgeries and complications. With Halloween approaching, she mentioned we probably wouldn’t do much decorating. I told her that I would handle it all — I’d even build the flying blue car. She smiled, and that’s how it all began.

With every new prop I would build, she would smile. In a way, working in this project was healing for all of us. I did everything out of cardboard last year and it looked amazing — until it rained.

This year, we decided to go BIG. I really wanted to build the Hogwarts Express. I started in June, working on it on the weekends, and once I finished, I started thinking that building Gringotts would be a fun project. Essentially, it just got out of hand. We’ve had a lot of fun completing Diagon Alley. My wife has recovered and helps paint and detail. We do it together.

The response has been incredible. Our neighbors are either helping, encouraging our madness, or decorating their own homes with some kind of Harry Potter theme.

The Pace family turned their front garden into a huge attraction for passersby this Halloween and though it was free to check out, they did ask for the odd donation to support Performing Arts programs.

If you’re a big fan of their work, you can help out here.

Images via Facebook, Warner Bros.