Black Mirror have raised the bar again with their special episode Bandersnatch. It’s not your average episode of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian show, as this one allows the viewer to get involved, letting you choose which direction the story goes in at certain points.

Throughout the 90-minute special we follow Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) as he attempts to adapt a book into a video game, and in doing so begins to lose his grip on reality.

It has been reported that whilst the show offers the viewer five possible endings, the numerous ‘choice’ points along the way means there are over one trillion story combinations available. That’s a number I can’t even compute, let alone fit into a flowchart. However some people are trying. Asim Chaudhry uploaded an initial effort onto Twitter.


However, the fast fingers and minds of those on Reddit have been in overdrive, and someone shared the latest effort, which is insanely complexed. You’ll probably need to zoom in on your phone to read this.

That is still a work in progress. I can see this flow chart being some poor person’s life work.