Hey who here remembers Friends?!

Not me – I can’t even remember yesterday, let alone a show that finished 15 years ago!

I kid, I kid. Of course I remember Friends; it’s just about the only thing I do remember. You’ve got Ross, Rachel, Bart, Sheldon Cooper, Sandman from Spider-Man 3 and who can forget little Scrappy Doo? That show moulded me.

In all seriousness, Friends left behind a legacy that most other shows can only dream of achieving and while the first episode is over 24-years-old, fans all over the world are still noticing new things about it.

For instance, you’ll remember in season six when Monica and Chandler finally move in together. The two debate over what should be done with the spare room, and Chandler suggests that it should be turned into a games room, with arcade favourites such as Asteroids and Space Invaders.

Monica is quick to turn this down though and when Chandler calls her out for not even discussing it with her, she says:

Interesting idea, talk about it, but no. The beautiful guest room’s gonna be filled with antiques.

So Monica doesn’t like arcade games? Well alright.

But hold on… SHE BLOODY LOVES THEM! As revealed when Phoebe buys the pair a Ms Pac-Man arcade machine as a wedding present.

Monica is delighted with the gift, and explains that it’s going straight into the guest bedroom as “I practically spent my entire childhood at the arcade”.


But just in case you thought that was a throwaway comment, Phoebe then spends the whole episode playing Ms Pac-Man until she starts to get good. This frustrates Monica, and she begins to lash out until she eventually apologises and admits:

I love this game so much that I would just like the chance to play a little too.

So it took two seasons for Monica to realise that she loves arcade games, rather than shut them down like she did when Chandler suggested owning a few.


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