1960s Batman was a weird thing.

To it’s credit, it ran for 120 episodes and one film so you can’t argue with its stats, but it was probably too campy for even the sixties.

If you consider the last two live-action iterations of the caped crusader, sixties Batman was pretty much the polar opposite to that.

Take the bomb detonation scene from the end of Dark Knight Rises, for example…

Now compare it to this clip from the sixties Batman, bearing in mind that they’re pretty much the same scene…

Very tonally different. That’s not to discredit the TV series, but there’s nothing quite like it.

This is absolutely punctuated in the scene from the original TV series, shared to Twitter by @YUXLOA.

In said scene, Mr Freeze sends a trained sea lion to Gotham City Police with a note telling Batman to deliver a ransom to save a kidnapped professor. It unfolds beautifully however, as the authorities call both Batman and Bruce Wayne to seek help…

You just can’t beat Batman talking to himself on the phone, can you? Imagine Christian Bale doing this. Just picture that scene directed by Christopher Nolan. Nothing would make sense.

Speaking of Batman, I wrote an obviously ironic article about six people who should play the Dark Knight next, and this was one of the comments…

As if I meant any of it! I suggested Neck Guy, for christ sake.



Images via 20th Century Fox