Girls taking jumpers and hoodies off their boyfriends is a tale as old as time, but have you ever wondered why?

No me neither, but there’s an answer, regardless.

The short answer is “science” so if you’re in a rush, you can stop reading now. If you have a thirst for gender-specific temperature knowledge, then read on, baby…

A study was conducted by two Dutch scientists who, for some reason, endeavoured to find out. The two found that women are comfortable at around 2.5C hotter temperatures than men, which equates to roughly 24/25C.

Apparently they’re just much more susceptible to cold weather than fellas are.

Professor Paul Thornalley, from Warwick Medical School, has his reasoning for this, and it’s down to the differences in average metabolic rate. It seems so obvious now.

He explained that this “may explain why there is a difference in environmental temperature required for comfort between males and females”.

Your metabolism is responsible for producing energy, which includes heat, and in general, a woman’s average metabolic rate is lower than a man’s.

Thornally explained to the BBC:

A great determinant of resting metabolic rates is the fat free body mass in people’s bodies.”

Essentially, because men’s bodies are less fatty than women’s, their metabolic resting rates are higher.

This also explains why women are more comfortable in hot weather, though.

Two sides of the same coin, really.

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