I only had one job this year: deliver consistently compelling #content to you lucky, lucky people.

Given that the year is nearly over, I think now’s as good a time as any to reflect on how well I’ve done.

Pretty great, I’d say, given that I’m still in a job and The Hook hasn’t imploded.

However, the term ‘you only had one job’ generally isn’t taken as literally as I’ve just interpreted it, rather, it refers to people who were given a fairly simple task and somehow managed to royally balls it up.

Like this next bloke, who may just take the crown for 2018’s best ‘you only had one job’ moment.

The clip – which shows a live orchestra… orchestrating??? – was picked up on Reddit and quickly shared to Twitter for thousands more to laugh at.

I won’t say any more – just watch.

Told you it was funny.

Have you ever seen a man beat his drum so hard (that’s not a euphemism)?

I feel sorry for the woman in the back who takes it to the face, although I do love how she just storms off.

Needless to say, Twitter was loving the clip, with plenty commenting at just how ruddy great it is:

2018, you’ve been a year to remember.

Here’s to loads more great more #content in 2019.

Images via Twitter/Getty