In general, Christmas films are pretty bad. There’s a few exceptions to the rule, like Home Alone and Love Actually, but the point remains; they’re mostly lazy cash-grabs.

Conversely, most Netflix films are pretty good. They’re given time and relatively decent budgets and end up fairly good flicks. However, when Netflix films tank, they tank hard.

So when you add a bad Netflix film and a generic Christmas film together, you know what you’re in stall for – a legitimately awful viewing experience.

Christmas Wedding Planner is said film and, well, here’s the trailer…


It plays out like a student film where the person making it just had to use their friends because they couldn’t afford real actors. I’ve not seen the film but you can already tell it’s appalling. In between every line of dialog there’s some weird silent beat which means that absolutely no conversation flows and the plot is preposterous.

At one point, the main character and the PI are doing a stakeout – something where you need to act covertly – and to wake the main character up, the PI slams the horn. Just nudge her. That’s not how you act inconspicuous.

Anyway, the IMDb reviews from people who have actually seen it are more damning. Watch it; some contain spoilers.

I’m probably going to watch it now…

Images Netflix, IMDb