Being sick is part and parcel of being human, as is going to work.

Sometimes, though, the two overlap, meaning you’re forced to take a day off work while you nurse yourself back to full health.

Now, to you and I, the notion of getting ill isn’t that difficult a concept to grasp, but to some bosses, well, they’re sceptical it could happen (maybe it’s because of all the phone-ins they’ve had off employees putting on a ‘sick’ voice in order to skive).

Anyway, Sarah was sick, but her boss made her come in regardless.

Scared of the possible consequences after being reminded of the company’s strict absence policy, she agreed.

However, as soon as she arrived, her colleagues noticed something was clearly wrong. What happens next is the perfect story of karma and sweet, sweet revenge. There was vomit, and lots of it, as her boss found out first hand…

(Stick with it, the payoff is so worth it).


Her boss – who forced her into work – ended up cleaning her sick up AND getting a roasting off the store manager.

Told you it was the perfect tale of revenge…

Images via Bored Panda/Reddit/Getty