Remember, remember the 5th November’ so the old rhyme goes.

In London, though, it’s more like ‘Remember, remember the 3rd November, because I could not for the life of me find a decent firework display for tonight.

I ended up going to one in Battersea on Saturday and yeah, it was alright, but once you’ve seen one firework display you’ve kind of seen them all.

Now, I’ve never had a dog (mum wouldn’t let me – too much loose hair) but from what I’ve heard they get a bit of a fright on Bonfire Night what with the general end-of-the-world vibes from the bright lights and loud banging.

Apparently, they can cause all manner of issues (fireworks, not dogs) from heart problems to tremors and nausea, all because our furry little friends can’t work out where the sound is coming from.

But there’s a solution, and one town in Italy is setting an example of how to enjoy fireworks without terrorizing dogs.

Collecchio, a town in Parma, have introduced fireworks without the deafening sounds normally associated with conventional displays.

The powers that be contracted a firm called Setti Fireworks after local government introduced new legislation in 2015 forcing the public to use silent fireworks.

It was created as a way of respecting the animals and reducing the stress that normal displays can induce.

It’s a great idea, but they aren’t entirely silent.

The term “reduced noise” would be much more applicable as they still give off some noise.

They just don’t typically include the big aerial explosions found in traditional fireworks shows and mostly make selective use of existing non-loud forms of fireworks such as ‘comet tails’ and ‘flying fishes’.

They rely less on audio and tend to focus on “quieter” visual displays that make use of colour, which is said to be perfect for small towns rather than cities.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction for our doggo friends.

Although if you’re really wanting to relax your dog tonight then listen to the advice of Hook writer Alfie Powell.

He says that reggae music de-stresses his mutt on Bonfire Night, so every year he whacks on a bit of Bob Marley and everything’s alright.

He genuinely might be having me on but you could try it nonetheless.

Spread the word if it works.

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