As a writer, or as a I like to tell my mum’s friends, ‘journalist’, you have to be able to edit your own work.

I’m notoriously bad at it which is why my editor usually loses it with me because half of his day his made up of amending my work.

But making mistakes is often inevitable where writing is concerned; how many of you have accidentally sent an NSFW message to a friend? (I often say ‘sex’ instead of ‘sec’ in my texts – very awkward when you do it with your mum).

Fortunately, most of us can get away with it, but for newspapers a typo is a much more serious crime.

The Post Journal in New York recently made just such an error, leaving a headline about Julia Roberts looking rather inappropriate, and now the internet is loving it.

“Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age”

Clearly the headline meant to read “roles” not “holes but kudos to Julia if either are true.


The newspaper did go on to correct themselves thankfully:

The damage has already been done I’m afraid.

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