Some things only get brought out at Christmas.

These include: Kindness, Celebrations, Home Alone, sprouts, thinking of others and Ferrero Rocher. It’s pretty much those big six with a few other add ons.

It goes without saying that most people in the world like Ferrero Rocher (it’s like a posh chocolate isn’t it – above Roses but slightly below Lindt) and most people don’t really like sprouts.

And in keeping with the Christmas spirit, one woman has taken this universal truth to play a viciously cruel – and brilliant- prank on her unwitting father.

Back in 2016, Judy Brown started substituting random raw sprouts in the wrappers of a selection box of Ferrero Rocher.

“It worked a treat,” she remarked at the time.

Pure evil, right?

Well, her dad got wise to it, so this year she took it to the next level to pull off an even more devious prank.

People were obviously loving this Home Alone-esque prank, with some taking it a step further to suggest their own evil ideas.

There’s no denying this is a great prank, but it just wouldn’t work in my house.

Both my parents love sprouts (weirdos), which I found out the hard way on Christmas Day when I wasn’t allowed any Christmas pud until I’d gobbled up all my greens.

I’m 26.

Images via Twitter