We’ve all suffered from being kept awake by a noisy neighbour, and people usually react in different ways – ignore it, lie in bed with a pillow over your head, give them the cold shoulder next time you see, etc.

However, given that it’s me who’s the one usually making the noise, I really can’t say for certain.

Nevertheless, neighbours can be noisy, and sometimes telling them can be a tricky thing to tackle.

Not for Candice though.

Candace Benbow was trying to sleep one night when all she could hear was constant loud music from her neighbour’s house.

Not wanting to disrupt the peace, she decided to write a letter, and what a letter it was.

She shared it to Twitter, where it now has 176k likes, and you can check it out below (you’re going to want to stick with it because the ending is great).

She wrote:

‘Hey! I hope you’re well.

We haven’t formally met and I hate we’re doing so under these circumstances.

When you come home every evening and blast music, I’ve come to expect it. Sometimes it’s a song I hadn’t heard it in a while and I appreciate the throwback. Other times, it’s something I’ve never heard before and I’ve been able to google a few lyrics and add it to my weekly playlists. To be fair, you’ve helped me catch a vibe.

But last night … Fam, you tried it. You really, really did.

I don’t know if you were hosting the official afterparty for our building’s holiday social or singlehandedly determining this generation’s R&B king. But 3am is just too late to be that loud. At 3:26, I couldn’t tell if you were playing some uptempo hits from The Weeknd or you pushed shuffle on some house/techno. Either way, I could have done without that part of the set. At 3:47, I realised it was much more advantageous to reflect on our musical tastes and eat potato chips than try to sleep. You really love a piano solo and some soulful drums.

At 3:55am, I should be dreaming about all the things I want Michael B Jordan and/or Malik Yoba to do to me. I should be dreaming about the life I could have with Lena Waithe if she was single. I should not be up singing Maxwell’s ‘Ascension’ simply because you want to be the second floor’s DJ.

At 4:07, you settled down, I really appreciated that. In the future, as you’re hosting your kickbacks and come throughs, please remember the rest of us.As a peace offering, I hope you will enjoy this pound cake. At 3:30 I decided to bake it for you. I realised I was taking your feelings into much more consideration than you were taking mine. I hope that changes – especially since I’m only three months into a 13 month lease.

Happy Holidays, and I look forward to officially meeting you soon!

Your neighbour,


What a woman!

Fair play to her because not a lot of people have that much patience.

But the letter was just the beginning. Read on to see how it plays out:

She even shared some images of them hanging out together!

See, not all your neighbours are bad – some of them are just noisy, that’s all.

Now stop messing about and go and make friends.

They might be throwing a banging New Years Eve party you can go to!

Images via Twitter