For my interview to get into this place, I turned up hungover and said I’d never heard of helloU (that’s what we were called at the time). I didn’t look my future boss in the eye at all and I wrote some test article about Birmingham University looking into time travel, but I kept venting about a date that went badly in it.

They offered me the job that day and after putting off joining for a few weeks because I was going skiing, I showed up on my first day two hours late.

They’re lucky to have me.

It’s fair to say that I got pretty fortunate. I’m terrible around new people and I’m not good at being cocky. They’re essentially the two requirements of a good interview and I managed to slip through the net.

Laura MaClean wasn’t so lucky as – presumably after a lot of prep – she sat down for a Skype interview with a *finger’s crossed* future employer.

However, not everything went to plan so Laura got in touch, asking why she hadn’t been called. What transpired is pretty hilarious…

Here’s the email thread in case you missed it…

Just stunning work there forgetting what month we’re in.

Now I know everyone looses track of time in between Christmas and New Year’s but this is taking it to a whole new level.

I commend Laura for that, really.

Let’s all hope she gets the job.

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