If it’s not too mentally taxing for you, then I’d like you to try and imagine this scene:

The world is now a desolate wasteland, where tribes of -what used to be- humans ravage the landscapes of once-great cities and landmarks. Countries no longer exist, and rather the remaining people are members of the four tribes spread across the earth.

There’s the Data Scavengers, headed by a cyborg Mark Zuckerberg – more machine than man – who rage war with the Maverick Clan, run by the nefarious Paul brothers who have now merged into a two-headed beast (no one can tell the difference).

Along with them is the Damons; they’re the Matt Damon tribe who are actually pretty nice and finally Joanna Lumley’s clan. Cannibals. Elon Musk lives on Mars with his robot dog.

Yes, the world is a very different place eleven years from now in 2030 but at least the Brexit saga is over, eh guys? Eh?!

This comes after Noah, a man who claims to be a time-traveller from the year 2030, has appeared in quaint little 2019 with a message about the future of Brexit, which is rather timely. It’s almost as if future-man didn’t have the foresight to say anything before the referendum was announced?

Watch the video that’s, weirdly, on the ApexTV YouTube channel…

He introduces himself as “Noah the time-traveller” and let’s us know that 2030 is “in fact” eleven years from now, which is very handy. He lists a number of countries in Europe for some reason and assures us that after Brexit, the UK rejoins the European Union as part of a superstate which shares an unnamed currency with most of the rest of the world.

Noah assures us that the UK acts as a district of the superstate but neglects to say whether or not we’re self-governed or in fact share any of the technicalities. He does, though, say “actually” a lot.

“In the future, there’s also global warming taking over mostly everywhere,” he continues. It’s almost as if you could call it global? Warming on a global scale… global warming.

Something about a chip that you can put in your brain that expands your brain function six times? He clearly forgot his because when telling us about global warming, he says “I don’t know what to tell you… you guys need to do something about it now”.

Aliens in the UK in 2028, which is fun. He says he can’t tell us where because of “paradoxes” but he then says “they actually meet with the Prime Minister at the time,” so I’m going to assume London. As a twist, they bring peace and prosperity with them.

He says more but honestly, honestly, I can’t be bothered to type it out.

Most of the people from ApexTV seem to disagree about what’s going to happen in the future but they’ll probably tell you that that’s down to people changing the future after seeing the videos but I’m beginning to doubt that.

It’s only eleven years from now. This guy must be out there somewhere now, both his present and future self. Someone find him and make them meet.

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