Ooooh strap in, guys, we’ve got a looooong ride ahead of us.

In news that might shock you, a man born in the 2040s has been sent back to 2018 from the year 2075, and he has some warnings for us.

I did say it was shocking news, didn’t I?

Anyway, the man with the most futuristic name I’ll wager you’ve ever heard, Michael Phillips, says that he was recruited by the army some time between 2043 and 2075 and was introduced into the time-travel division within the services.

He claimed that this was the first time he’d ever been sent back in time, with most of his missions taking place in the future (as if the government would have any call to change events that have yet to take place).

He also warned us that North Korea will attempt to strike Hawaii with a nuclear weapon in March of 2019, leading to an all out world war in 2020 after the US retaliate – killing Kim Jong-Un – with Russia, China and North Korea fighting against the UK, USA and Co.

There’s a lot to take in. Watch the video…

That official secrecy act he signed didn’t cover much, did it?

He’s dangerously cavalier about everything he talks about, isn’t he? Either that or he’s severely lacking in charisma. Mind you, I don’t suppose he was recruited to be a time-travelling soldier for his skills as an after-dinner speaker.

A minute in, I got a mid-roll ad about some aftershave which sort of took me out of the moment. I also like how the video is 13 minutes long, and five minutes in he’s going “uuumm what else can I tell you?” Yeah I get it, mate, it is hard to find things to say under pressure.

I’ll be honest with you, I got a bit bored as I was watching the video and went onto some article about a Russian model who thinks she has the world’s best arse. If you’re wondering, I’ve not seen them all but I imagine it’s up there.

Some good news though, as after Donald Trump was impeached, Oprah Winfrey ran for president but was unsuccessful. Two little titbits for you there.

Also on the agenda was Phillips telling us how one time-traveller was able to prevent a 2008 civil war in America by, you guessed it, causing 9/11!

Really pulled that one out of the bag, didn’t he? Good work there, fella!

Also California is underwater now. Maybe Busted weren’t wrong, after all…

Not all of this is bad news though as, because of this video, I was recommended a futuristic synth playlist on YouTube that I’m listening to now. It pops and bangs.

I guess we only have to wait three months to see if he’s right. That said, has the guy got his left arm in a suitcase?

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