At one time or another you’ve got to have wondered what you would do if you could travel to the future and back.

I suppose you could do the noble thing and learn about future catastrophes and disasters so as to warn people in the present, but I’ve never claimed to be noble, so I’d do the opposite and make money off things I knew were going to happen.

The thing is, though, even if you genuinely could travel through time, nobody would believe you.

It’s like saying you’re the son of God; even if you were you’d have a difficult time convincing people.

I guess time travelling is a catch 22 in that respect, so if given the option I’d probably just save myself the headache/witch-hunt and stay in one time.

Unlike this guy…

French-born Mike, who recently talked to ever-trusty source Apex TV, reckons he’s spent time in the year 3700 where a war between robots and humans has plagued the earth.

Born in Canada, Mike says he ended up working for a place called the ‘National Secure Laboratory of Canada’ when he was 18 and worked on ‘many secret operations and objectives’.

Oh, and he also says he killed a robot with his bare hands too, which makes sense because he’s trying to sound cool and impress everyone.

“We were travelling to random years,” he explained. “But our main target was the year 3700.”

He says he’s been there about 18 times and that there’s loads of robots which have an ‘individual artificial operating system’ as well as military robots which are ‘perfect kill machines’.

Check out his interview below:

If you can’t be bothered to watch the whole thing I’ll sum up the best bits.

He says:

“In the year 3700 the war began.

The war between human race and artificial creators. The robots. The robots who had an artificial intelligence once understood their power. They understood their dominance above humans and raised above them. They were slaves but become the leaders.

“The war had been started. The war that kind of nobody had seen before. On September 20 in the year 3700, all robots over the planet earth started their attack.

“After the first wave of assault, over 30 percent of humans were destroyed.

“They used internet and wireless system to be connected at once and give attack together. The only thing that saved the most population of humans is that robots did not get the codes of launching system of the nuclear rockets. In that case there would be not a war, but a genocide of the human race.”

If you were sceptical up until now, this should convince you: Mike’s brought back part of a ‘robot body’ to prove he fought in the war, which he says he ‘killed with his bare hands’.

Apparently, Mike is now living in Asia, where he’s hiding out as he thinks his ex-employer National Secure Laboratory of Canada.

Obviously I have a lot of issues with this story; the first of which being that it’s clearly not true.

Also, have you seen how flimsy his robot part is? Go to 6mins 50 secs on the video if you haven’t.

It looks like a tin opener.

This is the year 3700 and you’re telling me military grade kill robots have parts that are as primitive as that?

It’s almost like he’s BS’ing…

Images via YouTube/Apex TV