Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all of these new dating trends so I decided to do something very clever about it…

Not go on a date for six months, give or take.

I want to say it’s very fulfilling and I’ve managed to transcend my physical form or something but jeez. Nah.

As for the dating terms themselves, I understand what ghosting is… annoyingly, but that’s about the extent of it.

Apparently though, from the purveyors of dates themselves – Tinder – more dating habits are coming, and they’ve taken the liberty of naming them.

There’s nine, to be exact, and while a few of them do seem a bit…

… but a few of them are pretty applicable and relatable which as you know, is the only thing that’s important when it comes to online content.

The list reads:

Dracula-ing – When someone only messages you at night, generally for NSFW purposes

Exagger-date – When you embellish a date to pretend it went a lot better than it actually did

Bird Boxed – When someone is blind to how the person they’re dating isn’t all that

Buzz-erflies – The excited feeling you get when your phone buzzes with a message from someone you’re dating

Deflexting – When a question is asked but instead of answering it, the subject immediately changes the conversation

S.O. Stalemate – This refers to the situation where neither party will define the relationship, leaving you in a weird, unfulfilling limbo

Insta-gator – Like back in the day, but with Instagram instead of Facebook, you make your relationship public

Three-dot disappearing act – When someone starts to type a message then stops, but you’re there waiting for the message to come through

iPhony – Someone who swears they’re going to message you to arrange a date but never actually

I think I’m consciously aware of all of these, except Exagger-dating. I can’t imagine a single scenario when that would come into play.

God I sort of don’t miss dating.

Images via Tinder, Getty