There’s a number of celebrities who, by all accounts, are very famous, yet I know I could walk past them on any given day and not recognise them one bit. Of that list are people such as Daniel Day Lewis, Olivia Munn and Paul Dano. But above all of them, however, is one Tony Hawk.

I suppose these days he’s by no means as famous as he was, and at no point was he as big as Daniel Day Lewis, however he does have 15 more video games named after him than the Gangs of New York Actor, so that speaks for something… I think?

Anyway, skating’s not the huge sport it was when Dogtown and Z-Boys was in the cinemas and people were listening to Blink-182 on their Walkmans, so it’s understandable that Hawk isn’t on the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially when you consider he’s 50. Probably too old to be “shredding” 24/7.

But he’s a modern man, and the internet is now his half-pipe (I really know f*ck all about skating) and he seems to relish on people not really recognising him. It’s like his thing now…

He looks a bit like Mark Hamill.

Images via Getty, Twitter