Why is is that Christmas is always associated with chocolate?

For some reason we see the festive period as a free pass to stuff our faces with as much choccy as we can without consequence.

Whether that’s because we’re nearing the end of a tough year and you promise yourself you’ll hit the gym in January, I don’t know, but all I’m saying is my house turns into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory come December 1st.

Roses, Celebrations, Heroes, Ferrero Rocher, you name it, my mum buys it – which I now think is because she doesn’t see me a lot and worries that I’m losing weight.

Anyway, as you can tell, I love chocolate as much as the next person, which is why I thought I was dreaming when I read about this next story.

That’s because a street in a western German town has had a delicious makeover after a tonne of chocolate flowed out of a factory and solidified on the pavement.

The German newspaper Soester Anzeiger reported that a “small technical defect” involving a storage tank caused the chocolate to spill out from the DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westoennen.

According to reports, after hitting the chilly pavement, the milk chocolate quickly hardened.

Around 25 firefighters were taking with using shovels, hot water and torches to remove the leftover bits from cracks and holes in the road.

They should have just put a load of milk in the hose and created a massive milkshake.

Company boss Markus Luckey said if the spill had happened closer to Christmas, “that would have been a catastrophe” but that the factory would be back in action today.

Thank God!

Now, I’m trying to think of a joke to end this article.

Maybe re-name the road Quality Street?

That’s the best I have.

Images via Reuters